About Expanding Services

Mr Chin Kwee Yong started his company, Expanding Services in early 2009 after graduating from the Republic Polytechnic with a Diploma in Business Computing,His company aims to provide affordable & reliable services such as outsourcing and other business-related services to help companies grow and expand their businesses.

Especially geared towards the SMEs, it aims to help them improve on their business plans and to integrate technology in their business processes in order to minimize repetitive and excess work.

Expanding Services also aims to create as many useful and quality applications in the future to assist both businesses as well as individuals.

About IT services provider, Expanding Services Singapore
Our vision :
"To Be the top Consultant Company providing efficient Outsourcing and Solution."

Our Mission:
"Winning your heart through sincere attitude and professional services".

Our Logo:
Arrow pointing upwards, represents onward and upward improvement towards our company as well as our clients'. The shape "E" symbolise Expanding Services mission to help clients' company expand towards a bigger company.

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Address: Pasir Ris Street 11, Singapore
Telephone: +65 9299 0005
E-mail: sales@expanding-services.com