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Why do companies upgrade their website?
Revamping websites today is not only about changing the feel and layout. With technology changing and more problems needs to be solved, redesigning and revamping websites goes much deeper than just the way they look.

Below are some of the questions to ask yourself when it comes to your own website to determine if it is time to join everyone to revamp your website.

Is your website receptive?
There has been a very big push in the last couple of years to make websites more device friendly. With a multitude of various devices able to access the Web now, the web design community has made it clear that it is time to rethink the way we design websites. It is no longer sufficient to design a website for computer only, especially with millions of people accessing the Web using their phones, tablets and many other devices.

Is it hard to keep updated?
When was the last time you updated your site? If that is a long time ago and it is hard to update, then ask yourself why? If it is because you do not have time or knowledge, it's time to outsource content management to us because an updated site keeps visitors coming back. If you find that you just don't know how, then this could be a sign that your site needs a revamp.

Are there functions and features that are no longer used?
As websites mature and grow, some functions or features will not be working as well anymore and has become outdated. One that I can think of is the Facebook Fan boxes that show who of your friends like a particular site. Do you have something similar on your site that is not working anymore?

Does your website take a long time to load?
The trend now is to make sites load faster. This is because there are Internet service providers and Telcos are limiting the amount of data we could use. With these limits in placed, visitor would not want to download tonnes of information they do not need and does not want to see. If your website takes a very long time to load, visitor to your site might just think your website has malfunction and close your website.

Is your site losing visitors?
While having a slowing trend in visitors may not mean a complete redesign is necessary, it is often a good indicator that either your SEO is not working for you or your site is becoming stale. I will take a gamble and say it is more than likely the latter of the two. When your site starts looking like it hasn't been updated in a while, visitors will be turned off and will go elsewhere for their needs. Search engines will also not rank you favorably in this case either, as they like sites that are constantly being updated with new content.

Is the copyright year in your footer older than 2014?
If the copyright statement in your footer has a year that is older than 2014, you have not updated your site for months. Your site is pretty stale at that point. If it says 2012 or earlier, then you are signaling to your clients that you haven't updated the site, and they will leave. This is a good signal of needing a website redesign, especially if that year is 2009 or earlier.

Ultimately, you have to make the decision on a revamping.
In the end, you have to make the decision on whether your website needs a revamp or not. If you are starting to get the feeling that maybe it is time to revamp your site, then contact us and we are most willing to give you advices.

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